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Really incredible work.

I'm not much of a sonic fan but I love the characters, the story isn't familiar to me but I really loved how you took the series serious. Not many films portray Tails as such a serious character. Really great job I loved it so much. <3

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Holly shit

Wow I loved the consistent anatomy, attention to detail, three dimensional feeling silhouettes. The animation timing totally matched the song as well as the lip syncing. Everything just fit so nicely together. I especially loved the realism of the guitar strings, great touch.

Also furries rule =D
Love to see more from you mate.

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Ahah finally released.

You're really getting more than your feet wet with all this motion knowledge we call animation. I'm glad to see you're liking flash so much, though as I've mentioned you've done great with koolmoves in the past. I suppose Jim's next step is.....3 D


Just kidding, hope to see more Jim soon!

Jimtopia responds:

Oooh, but I do intend to take Jim into the 3D world someday. I doubt he'll stay there, but it'll be an interesting experiment, that's for sure!

Thanks for the review man, glad you liked it.

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This is a meh

Game had a smart concept but was majorly flawed in the lack of interactivity. The fact that if you miss it doesn't matter and really doesn't change anything. You can just sit there and have the same outcome. Your paddle doesn't control the ball very much and at times its better to miss on purpose to get what you want. Which is rather dumb.

Also there is a bug where the ball gets permanetly stuck in the top left (and I assume right as well) corner of the level and can't escape. I say try again. Don't make everything so big, spread it out a lot. This is breakout, give us some room to break stuff.

Very unique and complicated game.

I loved how thought out this was, everything was placed perfectly and, I at least, seemed to pick up every piece in the order that you intended. Even though a majority of the objects were always availible. I really loved this.
11 minutes blah seconds. :D

Only tip would be that I saw no up arrows indicating that you can look at the ceiling, and the fact that if your facing fowards and you click the top all it does is say "the windows are barred". So it would be hard to know that was there, amazing though. I loved it.

May add later...

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